Innovations in Education – 22 listopada 2022 r.

Będzie to swoiste pożegnalne seminarium na UJ dr. Jacka Urbańca, twórcy i wieloletniego kierownika Centrum Zdalnego Nauczania, pełnomocnika Rektora UJ ds. e-nauczania w latach 2005-2016, który z dn. 1 stycznia 2023 r. przechodzi na emeryturę.

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Oto program seminarium „Innovations in Education” 22 listopada 2022 r. 

14:30-14:45   Elena Caldirola (Pavia University): University’s response to the Covid-19 crisis: Lesson learnt and future perspectives

14:45-15:00   Mats Cullhed (Uppsala University): Exploring space. Teachers and students in an experimental classroom

15:00-15:15   François Lecellier (Poitiers University) Use of Minecraft in project management course: examples and analysis of students engagement

15:15-15:30   Discussion 

Seminarium będzie transmitowane na żywo do Internetu dla zainteresowanych pracowników UJ za pośrednictwem YouTube z możliwością zadawania pytań prelegentom (na czacie tekstowym). Prelegenci, członkowie Education Innovation Working Group uniwersytetów Grupy Coimbra, wystąpią zdalnie.

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Informacja o prelegentach

Elena Caldirola: Director of the Education Innovation Unit of the University of Pavia (since 2010); member of the Scientific Board of the Italian eLearning Society; expert in Telematic University evaluation at the National Agency for Evaluation of University System. Since 2018 Elena Caldirola has taken part in the Executive Board of EDEN (European Distance and eLearning Network).

Mats Cullhed: PhD, trained in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala, specialised in late Roman History. Currently, he is employed as educational developer at the Unit for Academic Teaching & Learning, with a special interest in the creation and use of innovative learning environments.

François Lecellier: associate professor in Computer Science at the Institute of Technology of the University of Poitiers in France. His research interests are focused on image, videos and data processing and clustering. In pedagogy, he works on gamification and use of video games to enhance students’ engagement.

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